We see a person before we see an illness. We believe that building relationships with our patients starts from the first encounter. We listen with open minds and hearts to help our patients regain stability and return to the things they enjoy.

Mental Health News

Hemlines: Stylish gala makes good for mental health (St. Paul's Foundation)

Fans of art, fashion and philanthropy are invited to attend the St. Paul’s Foundation’s Brilliant “Into the Gallery” gala benefitting mental health and addiction programs at St. Paul’s Hospital.

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Brilliant 2016 fundraiser supports mental health and addiction in B.C. (St. Paul's Foundation)

St Paul’s Hospital sponsors Brilliant 2016 – a unique fundraiser in support of drug addiction and mental health treatment. We get details from Dr. Bill MacEwan, Head of Psychiatry at St. Paul’s and event producer Vladimir Markovich.

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A Night of Fashion, Art and Dance in Support of Mental Health and Addiction!

Mental health and addiction is an important and timely issue in British Columbia —especially as our province faces a full-blown opioid crisis. In the last six years alone, St. Paul’s Hospital has seen a 112% increase in visits related to mental health and addiction. This story is one that approaches a solution.

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Brilliant Beckons All ‘Into the Gallery’ (St. Paul's Foundation)

Whether you fancy the reflective work of Frida Kahlo, wish you were Andy Warhol, or get moony over a breathtaking Matisse,St. Paul’s Foundation’s upcoming Brill!ant 2016 will paint a spectacular picture for attendees and raise vital funds for St. Paul’s mental health and addiction programs.

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Parents plan Burnaby vigil to coincide with inquest into deaths involving mental health

A group of parents has planned a vigil that aims to draw awareness to mental health.

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Minding the gap in B.C.’s mental health system

Cameron Russell’s descent into depression began when he was eight. His parents would often find him sobbing hysterically, unwilling to leave his room.

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Jim’s Story: What Can Be Done to House Our Most Vulnerable Residents? (Dr. Bill MacEwan)

Union Gospel Mission is one of the biggest service providers for low-income and homeless people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. The Christian charity provides 1,000 meals a day across Metro Vancouver. It found housing for 200 people last year, runs shelters and drug and alcohol programs, and has strong street outreach teams.

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VPD apprehensions under the Mental Health Act level off but remain high (Dr. Thomas Kerr)

In 2013, former Vancouver police chief Jim Chu described the city’s struggle to care for people with severe and untreated mental illness as a “growing crisis”. Now, seven years of data obtained by the Straight shows that the problem has essentially plateaued, no longer getting worse but also not improving.

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