We see a person before we see an illness. We believe that building relationships with our patients starts from the first encounter. We listen with open minds and hearts to help our patients regain stability and return to the things they enjoy.

Mental Health News

VPD apprehensions under the Mental Health Act level off but remain high (Dr. Thomas Kerr)

In 2013, former Vancouver police chief Jim Chu described the city’s struggle to care for people with severe and untreated mental illness as a “growing crisis”. Now, seven years of data obtained by the Straight shows that the problem has essentially plateaued, no longer getting worse but also not improving.

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VPD releases comprehensive strategy for police involvement in mental-health care

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has issued a new policy document that outlines how it responds to people who experience a crisis related to a mental illness.

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Canada should expand depression treatments under Medicare: study (Joseph Puyat, CHEOS)

Here’s a depressing statistic: one in every 20 Canadians have the symptoms of major depression.

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Dr. Patricia Daly calls for new mental health hub to fight Vancouver's fentanyl crisis (St. Paul's Hospital)

Vancouver Coastal Health's chief medical health officer will ask city council for a new mental health and addictions hub at St. Paul's Hospital

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Podcast: St. Pauls Hospital Has Seen a 90% Increase in Mental Illness Visits... Why? (Dr. Bill MacEwan)

Mental healthcare advocates in this city are crossing their fingers that the City of Vancouver will help fund a new mental health hub at St. Paul’s hospital….which would help relieve an overloaded emergency room that has seen a 90% increase in mental illness visits.

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Vancouver asked to pitch in $1 million for new mental health hub

Vancouver city staff want councillors to OK a $1-million grant for a mental health hub at St. Paul’s Hospital that could relieve the strain on police officers and emergency room resources.

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The bully in your head (St. Paul's Hospital)

Today, Amy Pezzente can see all the red flags that emerged in her youth for what they were.

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Opinion: The greatest gift for a person with mental illness: Time for recovery and transition

This is a time of year when we celebrate the good things in our lives and reflect on what makes them possible. At Coast Mental Health, we have much to be grateful for as we continue to extend support and services to the 4,000-plus clients we serve who are recovering from mental illness. These clients include a handful of youth who have been part of our first year of operations at Renfrew House, a six-bed community home in a quiet Vancouver neighbourhood.

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