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Alder, a tertiary neuropsychiatry program provides a range of specialized services to meet the needs of adults with complex neurological disorders/brain injuries and psychiatric illness, which currently prevents them from living successfully in community settings.

It is located at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Langara site and offers long-term neuropsychiatry stabilization.  Clients are referred to Alder from Vancouver Coastal Health Authority or Fraser Health Authority (see REFERRALS below). 

Alder serves clients between the ages of 18 – 64 years. Clients have a range of neuropsychiatric conditions of traumatic, non-traumatic brain injury, electrical malfunction, extrinsic toxic metabolic disturbances and somatoform disorders. Our clients have a complexity of psychiatric and behavioural dysfunction requiring the interventions of a robust interdisciplinary team in an appropriately staffed, designated facility that is safe and secure. The clients display severe psychiatric and behavioural disturbances that can be intense and intractable and whose neuropsychiatric disorders exceed a threshold of psychiatric and/or behavioural dysfunction.  


Our clinical program is embedded in the principles and values of the Recovery Model Philosophy including autonomy and empowerment, building hope and living from a position of wellness. The Recovery Model is based on mutual respect and trust, forming positive relationships and partnerships among staff and program participants. The focus is to instill hope and inspire individuals to work toward their own personal goals and enhance quality of life. Family and significant others, as identified by the client, are approached with welcoming attitudes and engaged as valuable collaborations in the recovery process.

The length of stay ranges from 18 months to a length determined by the individual’s specific needs.


Alder Neuropsychiatry Long Term Stabilization Unit

This is a Regional program for clients of Fraser Health Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority with an established neuropsychiatric diagnosis and treatment plan in place.

These clients require longer term management of complex behavioural and psychiatric symptoms associated with one or both of the following:

  • Neurological disease
  • Brain injury that occurred more than six months ago.

Referrals to Alder are made through a centralized intake process in collaboration with Providence Health Care, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Fraser Health Authority.  

Fraser Health Authority Clients:

Resource and Systems Leader:  (604) 517-8609   Fax:  (604) 519 8548


St. Vincent’s Hospital, Langara Site
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Vancouver, B.C.
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Phone: 604-806-9799
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