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The need for mental health services has never been greater. With St. Paul's Foundation, we're seeking donor champions who care about mental health.

The need for mental health services has never been greater. But mental health struggles to attract donations because of the stigma attached to it.

Thanks to the hard work of mental health advocates across Canada, the stigma associated with mental health is diminishing.


The Mental Health Program is located in the historic Burrard Building at St. Paul's Hospital.

Providence Health Care provides a range of coordinated emergency, inpatient, outpatient, specialized diagnostic and treatment services and provincial services for people with serious mental illnesses, including those with addictions. Generous donors are realizing that the mental health of our citizens is beneficial to our families, our schools, our neighbourhoods, and our workplaces.

Our programs at St. Paul's serve the people of Vancouver and each meet the needs of patients with a variety of needs. We need your donations — large and small — to do our work better and to make the lives of our patients better.

Your contribution can make a huge difference. For information on how you can help, visit the St. Paul's Foundation.

Our People

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Alice Chan, RN, BEd., BSN, M(SN)

Clinical Nurse Specialist

“I am amazed by the resiliency and determination of so many of our patients – some of the experiences they have lived through are unbelievable. Equally, my colleagues are everyday folks who have enormous compassion, common sense, and composure in how they go about working with our patients. From my patients I get back gratitude, appreciation, kindness, compassion, advice, straight talk, attitude, and a lot of wonderfully funny moments.”