About the Mental Health Hub

Listening with open minds and hearts is our approach to helping our patients regain stability and return to things they enjoy.

We change the labels. That means we “see” each person, before we see their illness.

We believe that building relationships with our patients starts from the first encounter. Rather than focus on a medical diagnosis, we change the labels to “father,” “executive,” “volunteer,” or “musician” — whatever is important to the life of each patient. And we believe that this attitude is critical to ensuring the Providence “How you want to be treated” motto.


St. Paul's has 60 inpatient beds available for people with mental illnesses.

Providence Health Care provides a range of coordinated emergency, inpatient, outpatient, specialized diagnostic and treatment services and provincial services for people with serious mental illnesses, including those with addictions.

Our patients face severe mental illnesses, often combined with other challenges such as poverty, homelessness and substance issues. As a downtown hospital, we also care for executives and workers in the downtown core, as well as visitors to our city. In addition to this care, we’re proud to be leaders in the treatment of adults with eating disorders, and in meeting the needs of inner-city youth.

The nature of mental illness means that we often see the same patient over long periods of time. While “cures” are not always a part of our reality, we strive to achieve each patient’s goals — perhaps a return to joyful experience, a renewed family relationship, and improved day-to-day stability.

Our team is diverse and includes over 200 staff and physicians that are dedicated to providing excellent care for our patients and families. We see the person, before we see their illness. This allows us to strive daily to be the best health care providers — and people — that we can be.

We are committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of Providence Health Care.

Our People

Get to know who's here to help.

Dr. Steve Mathias, MD, FRCPC, CACAP, ABAM

Psychiatrist and Medical Manager, Inner City Youth Program, St. Paul’s Hospital
We need to get ahead of the [mental health] problem, ahead of the crisis. So we provide services to the younger population, when they tend to be less crisis-driven.